Mothers’ Stories

Every woman and girl who we help to give birth safely has her own story to tell. Sometimes, with all the statistics, it is easy to forget that each woman who gives birth is unique, with her own family, her own life, and her own baby. Here are some of their stories.

A vital part of our work is raising the skills of local doctors and midwives so that they can help women and girls in their communities to give birth safely. Two of our  case studies also focus on ‘Raising Skills, Saving Lives’. Birhane’s story incorporates that of Lensa, one of the local nurses trained by Maternity Worldwide and who now plays a vital role in ensuring the health of mothers in the area. Aster’s story focuses on the vital work carried out by one of our volunteer obstetricians, Jeremy, whose skills were pivotal in enabling her to give birth safely.

A Modern Day Nativity

The story of  Mary and Joseph Chimwanza’s journey from a remote village in rural Zomba, Malawi…read more

Mary and Elen’s Story

Meet one of the first mothers saved by Maternity Worldwide 10 years ago……read more

Qiybise’s Story

Preventing a potentially life threatening haemorrhage occurring in childbirth…read more

Chaltu’s Story

Being pregnant with twins brings additional risks to mothers in rural Ethiopia…read more

Burane’s Story

How use of a portable ultrasound helps to identify problems in pregnancy…read more

Bultu’s Story

Reducing the risks of mothers who have had several previous pregnancies…read more

Alemi’s Story

Treating high blood pressure, one of the main causes of death in childbirth in developing countries…read more

Ayantu’s Story

How Maternity Worldwide’s Safe Place of Birth Project identified the risk to Ayantu and enabled her to give birth safely…read more

Aster’s Story: Raising Skills, Saving Lives

How Aster’s life was saved by our volunteer obstetrician…read more

Lensa’s Story: Raising Skills, Saving Lives

Training from Maternity Worldwide enables Lensa to deliver Birhane’s twin babies safely…read more

Ebese’s Story: How two sheep transformed a family

How seed funding from Maternity Worldwide transformed Ebese’s future.…read more