Our Vision, Purpose, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Maternity Worldwide’s vision is of a world in which all women and their babies can access safe and appropriate childbirth regardless of where they live.

Our Purpose

We exist to help reduce the number of women dying or injured in childbirth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with communities and our partners to:

  • identify and develop appropriate and effective ways to reduce maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity.
  • facilitate communities to access quality skilled maternity care.
  • support the provision of quality skilled care.

Our Values

We believe that access to quality maternity and newborn services is a right and makes a vital contribution to the well-being of both individuals and communities.

The underpinning values which guide us are that at all times we will work in ways which are:

  • Passionate
  • Hard working
  • Innovative
  • Inspiring
  • Efficient
  • Sustainability
  • Community-based
  • Professional
  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • Equality
  • Empowering
  • Trustworthy
  • Rights-based

We value the skills, passion, dynamism and professionalism of our team.  None of our work would be possible without the hard work and commitment of our partners in the countries where we work, our professional, office based and fundraising volunteers, our staff team, our Board of Trustees and of course you, our supporters and advocates.  Together we are working towards a world where women and girls no longer die needlessly in childbirth.

Equal Opportunities

Maternity Worldwide seeks to be a catalyst for positive social change.  We are committed to Equal Opportunities: treating people fairly with dignity and respect is integral to our work both in our management of people and in the programmes we deliver.