Download our 2023 Christmas e-card!

If you would like to make a Christmas card donation this year in lieu of posting cards, you can download our electronic card and forward it to your friends and family.

Any donation is warmly welcomed but our suggested amount is £29, which is less than 1% of the average UK family spend in the run-up to Christmas.


You can donate any amount that you feel is appropriate by clicking here.

Of course, you'll want to add your own personal message to your email when you send out your e-cards. However, it would be wonderful if you could include this link encouraging recipients to also donate:

If you would like to add some more information about who we are and what Maternity Worldwide does, here's some text you can copy-and-paste:

Maternity Worldwide is a charity dedicated to saving lives in childbirth.

Every year 287,000 women die in childbirth and 99% of reported deaths are in low-income countries. Many women die after long, dangerous journeys, trying to give birth in makeshift buildings without the help of a midwife, and with no pain relief, antibiotics or proper sanitation. A modern-day stable in the UK may in fact be a warmer, safer and more comfortable place to deliver a baby than some of the facilities in sub-Saharan Africa.

Most deaths can be avoided easily and cheaply through measures which are readily available in the UK. But good quality healthcare for many of the world’s women is beyond their financial reach or too far away when they need it most. Maternity Worldwide is helping women and girls in low-income countries access the high-quality maternal healthcare they need to be able to give birth safely, not only at Christmas but all the year round.