Films of our work

The Films: Integrated Maternal Health Programme, West Wollega, Ethiopia

This series of short films show what our integrated maternal health programme has achieved and what this really means to the women, families and communities in the area.

You can find more information about how our work has met and, in many areas, exceeded the targets we set at the beginning of our programme, by taking a look a the findings of the independent evaluation carried out on behalf of the Big Lottery Fund.

Maternal Health Services, West Wollega, Ethiopia

A summary of the integrated maternal health programme in West Wollega, including commentary from local clinical staff and from our professional volunteers about the lasting improvements our work has made to local maternal health services and to the lives of women.

Women’s Income Generating Groups

Empowering and enabling women to take a more prominent role in their communities is central to our work. This short film explains how our women’s income generating scheme helps to raise the status of women and enables them to increase their income. This allows women to make more choices about how their money should be spent for example on maternal or child health, improved food for the family or to save for future health or education needs.

Community Health Promotion

A central part of our programme is to provide women and communities with the information they need to be able to make informed decisions about their health care, including family planning. In West Wollega we found a huge unmet need for this sort of information and many women and families walked for over two hours to attend the sessions.

Training Skilled Birth Attendants

Being able to access regular care from a Skilled Birth Attendant (that is a trained midwife, doctor or nurse) is recognised as being one of the key ways of increasing the quality of maternal health services and preventing women dying in pregnancy and childbirth. This short film describes how Maternity Worldwide has succeeded in raising the skills of local health professionals in West Wollega.