Maternity Worldwide is currently working in partnership on a number of research projects to find ways to improve maternal health in developing countries.


Device-300x239Maternity Worldwide is the implementation partner in collaboration with King’s College of project CRADLE (Community blood pressure monitoring in Rural Africa: Detection of underLying pre-Eclampsia). This project, funded by Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Explorations has so far investigated the feasibility of use of this simple, portable blood pressure monitor which can be used by untrained community members with low literacy skills. The research was carried out in Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. These initial trials to technologically refine the CRADLE Vital Signs Alert (VSA) “traffic light” blood pressure monitor and to adapt it’s use to community settings in Low Income countries have been very successful. The project is now at stage 3 which has a preliminary pilot phase followed by a large scale trial starting in March 2016 intended to determine whether the device will have a worthwhile impact.  This is being funded by the Medical Research Council.

Safe Place of Birth Project

Our Safe Birth Place Project aims to develop an effective, risk based referral process for pregnant women in rural Ethiopia so that they can deliver their babies safely and in the most appropriate location. The project is based in West Wollega, Ethiopia and began in October 2011. As of May 2012, over 650 women have been seen at the ‘risk clinics’ and 238 women have been identified as being at risk of a potentially life-threatening condition during childbirth. The risk assessment process reviews 10 criteria and imaging using an innovative hand-held mobile ultrasound.

Identification of Peri-partum Risk Factors for Mortality from Ruptured Uterus

This case control study is being carried out in Ethiopia. The aim is to provide further information and evidence to understand the importance of delays in triage of women from the village/health post and health center level to hospital care.

Previous Research Projects

We have been involved in a number of other research projects in developing countries in the last ten years. You can find more information here.