Arrange your own event

There are many ways to raise money for Maternity Worldwide as an individual, events such as sponsored runs, cake sales, sponsored silences, tea parties, clothes swap parties, a car boot sale, fancy dress parties, quiz nights etc are great ways to raise money whilst having fun at the same time!

We have a fundraising pack available to support you through your challenge or event. Email us with details of your event, and we’ll send you a free fundraising pack, including fundraising ideas, leaflets, sponsorship forms, posters for your event and more. When you’re planning your event please read our fundraising guidelines first.

Let us know what you have planned so we can add it to the website and Facebook page if you are looking for extra people to attend and don’t forget to send us your photos!

Pounds instead of presents

“We asked for donations instead of gifts for Lily’s naming ceremony – so much better than a pile of new toys”

Got yet another pair of socks or bubble bath for your birthday?  Why not ask for donations in lieu of gifts to celebrate your special occasion?  Whether it be a birthday, a naming ceremony, a wedding anniversary or celebrating the birth of your new baby.  What better way to celebrate than to ask for donations to help save the life of a mother during childbirth rather than gifts you don’t really want or need?