Make a donation

At Maternity Worldwide we have a vision of a world where all women, wherever they live, can give birth safely and without fear.  We need your help to make that vision a reality.  On average it costs just £15 to save a mother’s life during childbirth, whatever you can afford will help to make a huge difference.

What your donation can do

A donation of any amount will make a huge different and enable us to prevent women dying needlessly during childbirth.

£15Could provide a safe birth for a mother at a health centre
£30Could pay for a woman to attend a women’s empowerment training group and start a small business enabling her to become financially independent and a decision maker
£50Could provide a delivery by caesarean section for women experiencing difficulties
£80Could sponsor the training of a student midwife for a month
£130Will buy a bicycle so a health care worker can reach mothers in remote villages