Number of maternal deaths per live births:
360 deaths per 100,000 live births

Lifetime risk of dying during pregnancy or childbirth: 1 in 44

Number of maternal deaths per year: 5,900


It is estimated that each year in Uganda 5,900 women and girls die in pregnancy and childbirth*

What we’re doing

In partnership with Help Hoima we have designed a two year integrated maternal health programme which will enhance access to quality maternal healthcare in the Hoima and Masindi Districts (which will serve a population of approximately 833,000 people) by providing;

Teaching at health post Ethiopia1. Essential maternal and newborn health promotion for communities, teaching people about identifying the risks associated with pregnancy and childbirth and when they should seek professional assistance. Health promotion will lead to an increase in the number of women who give birth in Health Centres with a skilled birth attendant. We will also provide life saving advice on care of the newborn baby.

2. Development of 14 women’s groups to facilitate income-generating activities and training for women. These activities will empower women within the home and community enabling them to become financially independent and make their own decisions about their money and healthcare and ultimately to become future leaders.

Health centre3. Completing the building and equipping of a Health Hub in the village of Kiryabutuzi (which translates into English as mushroom!) which is approximately 25km outside Hoima. The building will be used as a community health and well-being hub serving many purposes. A midwife will be based at the hub providing antenatal risk assessments to identify potential risks or complications and to provide advice on where the women should deliver their babies. This service will ensure that women who are identified as being at-risk of a complicated delivery can get to an appropriate health facility in Hoima in adequate time to deliver their baby safely. Women’s groups and empowerment training and income generation programmes will also be run from the Health Hub. (Building work is well under way and completion is set for the Summer).

Mum and baby in knitted vest - Uganda 20124. Enhancing the referral process between the new clinic, Azur Clinic and Hoima Referral Hospital. In doing so, women identified at-risk of complications can get to the hospital in appropriate time with suitable transport.

5. Supporting the enhancement of the Azur Clinic to become a Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care Centre enabling them to deal with complicated deliveries, further reducing the risk of maternal mortality.

The total cost for the first year of the programme including the buildings, equipment and staff costs is £73,750. If you would like to make a donation towards the health centre building and staff please click here.

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*WHO, 2013