What we do

IMG_2771Maternity Worldwide helps women and girls in developing countries to access the high quality maternal healthcare they need to be able to give birth safely through the development of integrated maternal health programmes.

How we work

We work in partnership with local healthcare providers, the local Government and other NGOs to ensure we are not duplicating services and are fulfilling an unmet need in a sustainable way.  Through our integrated approach to maternal health we:

  • Provide communities with information on maternal and newborn health so they know the risks to look for and can seek medical help early
  • Enable women to become financially independent by supporting and training them to set up their own small businesses, empowering them to become the decision makers about their own reproductive and sexual health and to become future leaders
  • Improve access to health centres and hospitals
  • Train local midwives, doctors and healthcare workers to enable them to provide safe births
  • Where necessary, we provide the equipment and resources needed and improve the referral service so hospitals and health centres can enable women to give birth safely

If services are available but communities are not empowered to access them, or if communities are empowered but there are no facilities there will be no impact. An Integrated Approach makes the biggest, sustainable difference to maternal health.

Our integrated approach to maternal health is based on well established, vitally relevant and accepted international Three Delays Model, you can read more about the model and how we address the issues here.

Where we work

Since we began in 2002, Maternity Worldwide has worked in 11 developing countries to save the lives of mothers and babies, we currently have 3 Integrated Maternal Health Programmes in Malawi, Uganda and Ethiopia.  Click on the interactive map below for more information about our work in the highlighted countries.

View Maternity Worldwide work in a larger map or click here for a list of the countries we have worked in.