Burane’s Story

Burane is a young woman of 25 who lives in a small village in the West Wollega area of Ethiopia. Her village is almost two hours walk from the nearest health centre.

Despite the distance and being well advanced in her pregnancy, Burane walked to the health centre as she had heard that at the maternal health clinic Maternity Worldwide was able to provide women with a rare chance to have an ultrasound scan which would show a picture of her baby in the womb.

Although this was Burane’s fourth baby, she had considered it important to have antenatal care and had therefore been to the clinic for three earlier check-ups. She knew that she was now near to the end of her pregnancy, and she wanted to make sure that her baby was well.

When Burane arrived at the health centre, she mentioned that she had experienced some back pain that morning. When she was examined it was clear that the baby’s head was firmly engaged which was confirmed by an ultrasound scan and suggested she was ready to go in to labour. Indeed, as the scan was being completed, Burane’s waters broke.

She was carried on a stretcher to the delivery room, where within 30 minutes she safely delivered a healthy baby girl.