Why Poverty?

Is it worse to be born poor or die poor?

‘Welcome to the World – Four Born Every Second’ is a moving documentary showing childbirth around the world by Why Poverty.

Every year 130 million babies are born.  Their life chances are a lottery depending on where they are born.  In Europe, six babies per 1000 will die before their first birthday. In Africa, it’s 82.  Through the stories of mothers and babies around the world, the documentary looks at how poverty affects childbirth, childhood – and everything beyond.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Most deaths in childbirth can be prevented fairly easily and at a relatively low cost.  Maternity Worldwide have been finding sustainable ways of saving lives in childbirth for 10 years.  You can see some of the thousands of women we have saved here.

If you want to help save a mother’s life you can sponsor a safe birth – it costs just £15.  To find out more click here.