Previous projects

To date Maternity Worldwide has worked in 11 developing countries:

  • MalawiEthiopia – Integrated Maternal Health Program and CRADLE 3
  • Haiti – Expert Advisory and Logistical Support to Haiti Hospital Appeal on Emergency Obstetric Care Training and Supply Chain, in Partnership with Kings Health Partners
  • Malawi – Integrated Maternal Health Programme and CRADLE 3
  • Nigeria – Epidemiological and Corporate Needs Assessment to Investigate the Contribution of Healthcare Associated Factors to Maternal Mortality in Lagos State, in partnership with Imperial College
  • Pakistan – Advisory Workshop on Training in Emergency Obstetric Care in Kashmir with International Education Trust in partnership with King’s Health Partners
  • Sierra Leone – Situational Analysis for Development of Post Conflict Maternal and Child Health Services, in partnership with Merlin
  • Tanzania – Part of the CRADLE research project
  • The Gambia – Strategic Needs Assessment of Services to Reduce Maternal Mortality, in partnership with WHO and Maternal and Child Health Advocacy International
  • Uganda – Integrated Maternal Health Programme
  • Zambia – Part of the CRADLE research project
  • Zimbabwe – Part of the CRADLE research project