Women’s World Cup 2019

Our goal at Maternity Worldwide is a world in which all women and their babies can access safe and appropriate childbirth regardless of where they live. Celebrate women’s football this summer with our FREE sweepstake kit and help raise money to support our work at the same time. It’s easy…

STEP ONE: Download our FREE sweepstake kit here  (or click here if you want to print a high-res A3 version – this is a large (37 MB) print file so may take some time to download).

STEP TWO: Decide on a stake and how much the prizes are going to be, plus the suggested donation. The classic formula is 35% winner’s prize, 15% runner-up prize and 50% charity donation but you can do it any way you want! To maintain interest throughout the month, you can add extra categories like ‘heaviest defeat’ or ‘dirtiest team’ (judged by red cards, not fouls).

STEP THREE: Set up your sweepstake! Print out the slips for all 24 teams in the tournament. Cut and fold them (so nobody can see what they’re choosing) then put them in a hat for the big draw. Collect the money BEFORE people pick a slip.

STEP FOUR: Make sure you keep a record of who has picked which team. As each person draws their slip at random, write their name in the box next to the relevant team on the sheet provided.

STEP FIVE: Print out our wallcharts and keep track of the games! If you’re watching with friends, please send us pictures on social media @MaternityMW on Twitter and Instagram and facebook.com/MaternityWW. We’ve also enclosed a poster in the kit explaining who we are and what we do, so people know where their money is going. Some organisations like to run an extra fundraising collection for us during matches but this is completely optional.

STEP SIX: Thank you! Please donate any money you’ve raised at www.justgiving.com/fundraising/maternity-worldwide-wwc