‘Wish We Were There!’ Staycation Video/Photo Challenge

Help to support Maternity Worldwide to help villages in Malawi and Uganda to be resilient against the virus and for us to continue to save lives in childbirth.

Many people have already had their dream holiday plans cancelled or at least delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the lockdown this has even scuppered plans for travel and short breaks within our own countries. It is still not clear when travel restrictions will be lifted and whether it will be necessary to be in quarantine on arrival in another country or on our return home. Air travel, in particular in the short to medium term, will need to change significantly when it does ‘re-start’, prices are predicted to be higher and capacity at airport and queues could be severely impacted due to social distancing requirements.

Some of you may remember the popular UK TV holiday programme ‘Wish you were here?’ presented by Judith Chalmers. So here at Maternity Worldwide we are asking you to support our ‘Charity Begins at Home Coronavirus Appeal’ and take part in our exciting ‘Wish We Were There!’ video and photo challenge through your favourite social media!

How it works:

  1. You may have been nominated by someone to take part – or you are welcome to start your own challenge chain! Please respond within 48 hours after being challenged if possible!
  2. Put together a video or still photo of you and who you live with – from your home or garden depicting ‘Wish We Were There’. You may use props, fancy dress, souvenirs or special effects to re-create either where you were planning to visit, where you went last year, your dream-destination or a memorable holiday – you choose!
  3. In your video/photo or in the text on your post nominate AT LEAST FIVE friends or contacts that you are passing on the challenge to.
  4. Please add this graphic to the end of your video or add as a photo to your post – you can download this image here.
  5. Post the video/photo on your favourite social media (details below) with details of who you are passing on the challenge to.
  6. Please then donate a minimum £5 per household to Maternity Worldwide’s ‘Charity Begins at Home Coronavirus Appeal’. Please don’t forget to fill in Gift Aid details if you are a UK taxpayer so that we receive an extra 25% at no additional cost to you.
  7. Follow the social media prompts below to share your story and maximise our impact

Thank you for your support and ‘Happy Staycation!

  • Instagram – please add the handle @maternityworldwide to your post. Your video/photo automatically comes to the feed on this page.
  • Twitter – please add @maternityww to you post. Your video/photo will automatically come through to the feed on this page.
  • Facebook – please add #maternityworldwide and we will then add your post to our gallery.
  • TikTok, WhatsApp or email – please send your video/photo to. [email protected]

Wish we were there