New case study: Mary and Joseph Chimwanza

Mary and Joseph Chimwanza’s modern Christmas story is all too similar to the Nativity tale. Just as in Biblical times, childbirth is still risky, painful and frightening for women in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Nativity story relies on the kindness of strangers

We are publishing our latest case study to support Maternity Worldwide’s Christmas 2019 Campaign and help us make sure unnecessary deaths in childbirth become consigned to history, rather than remaining a fact of 21st century life.

A donation of any amount will make a huge different but this Christmas, we are asking our supporters to commit to giving at least £27 if they possibly can.

Why £27?

£27 is less than 1% of the amount a typical household in the UK spends in the run-up to Christmas. On the High Street, it could buy some children’s pyjamas or a novelty jumper (sequins optional). In sub-Saharan Africa, this sum could provide a safe birth and follow-up care, cover the training of a student midwife for a week or contribute towards the cost of a caesarean delivery. If you would like to support us, you can click here to make a donation and help save lives in childbirth this Christmas.