It’s chocs away for Choctober!

Step away from the Snickers, trash the Twix and move away from the Mars…it’s chocs away for Choctober!  Chuck the chocolate this October and help mothers in Africa give birth to their babies safely.

You can get your friends to sponsor you or donate what you would have spent on chocolate for the month (or, if you can’t face a month without chocolate you can match-give what you spend on chocolate for the month!).

Whatever you raise will enable us to empower and support women to give birth safely.  Together our small efforts can make life changing differences so come on, let’s ditch the Dairy Milk for Choctober!

To make a donation to our Choctober campaign or to set up your own Choctober sponsorship page please visit our JustGiving Choctober campaign here

The difference you could make;

  • Donate £1 – The cost of a small chocolate bar could pay for a course of antibiotics to prevent infection following childbirth
  • Donate £15 – The cost of a luxury box of chocolates could provide a safe birth for a mother and her baby
  • Donate £30 – The cost of a fancy chocolate cake could empower a woman to make her own decisions about her healthcare
  • Donate £50 – The cost of a posh chocolate fountain could provide an emergency safe birth for a mother and her baby

*This year, we will be awarding the Top 5 Choctober Champion Fundraisers with some yummy chocolate prizes donated by local and national chocolatiers to enjoy at the end of their choc-free month!*

For your free Choctober Sponsorship Form please fill in the form below and download all your Choctober fundraising materials!

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