BBC Radio 4 Appeal – April 2018

Our BBC Radio 4 Appeal was broadcast at the end of April and we are very excited to announce the total you helped us to raise…

At the end of April, English actress, Emily Watson shared our appeal message with you and told you all about the vital work Maternity Worldwide are doing to ensure more lives will be saved in pregnancy and childbirth in Africa.

With huge thanks to Emily’s passion, the BBC’s hard work and your wonderful support, our BBC Radio 4 appeal has raised an incredible £17,205! Thank you all so much for your kindness and generosity, we have been overwhelmed with your response to this year’s appeal.

Every day across the world 800 women die in pregnancy or childbirth. Each one of these deaths is a tragedy which has a devastating effect on the family.  Sadly many young children also die following the death of their mother.  Most of these lives could be saved by relatively simple, inexpensive measures.

The total raised from our Radio 4 appeal could;

  • Provide 955 safe births.
  • Provide approximately 680 women with seed funding loans. These loans encourage women to start their own small businesses to enable them to become financially independent and make their own decisions about their maternal healthcare.
  • Buy 34 bicycle ambulances. Bicycle ambulances are situated in rural and remote areas with difficult terrain to help to improve the access to maternal and newborn healthcare.
  • Pay for the full training of 4 student midwives in Malawi. Having a midwife or skilled birth attendant present at birth is one of the most effective interventions to save lives.



At Maternity Worldwide we have a vision of a world where all women, wherever they live, can give birth safely and without fear. Your support has helped to bring that vision closer.

“We think of childbirth as a beautiful and joyous thing but for many, many women it’s extremely dangerous…” – Emily Watson



Thank you for your generous and ongoing support, it is hugely appreciated!