Mum’s the Word

With Mother’s Day fast approaching (Sunday 26th March!) we thought we would share some of our favourite messages from last year’s Mother’s Day alternative gift certificates…

Safe Birth Certificate – £15

“Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for keeping me safe and loved all my life. Thank you for being a wonderful Nana. And thank you for all your support to all of us. We all love you very much.”

“Happy First Mother’s Day! I thought this may mean more to you than flowers, hopefully someone else will get a little of the support they need for a safer journey to holding their little munchkin.”

“Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for being a brilliant mum.”

“Happy Mother’s Day! From an amazing mum (you!!) to another amazing mum in Africa.”

“Bought in your honour, much better than flowers! Happy Mothers Day.”

“Happy mothers day. Thanks for all you do for me.”

“Happy Mothers Day – wish that more people had mothers with the love, devotion, belief and generosity that you have given me!”

Women’s Empowerment Certificate – £30

“Happy Mothers Day to the best Mum!! We hope you have a brilliant day!”

“Something close to both of our hearts… Happy Mother’s Day xxx”

Emergency Safe Birth Certificate – £50

“Thank you for being the best Mum in the universe. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!”

“Happy Mother’s Day Mom! You are the best example of what a mother can be. For mothers day I thought I would let you spread your love to a new mother who needed help making her child come into the world safely. Thank you for always making me feel safe! I am lucky to be your daughter.”

Feeling inspired? Order your own personalised gift certificate here for your loved one this Mother’s Day!