Muffins for Midwives 2017

Our Muffins for Midwives 2017 campaign has raised an incredible £10,648!

As the summer comes to an end and the final Muffins for Midwives events have been hosted we are so excited to share our grand total with you all. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much to all of the lovely Muffinistas who hosted an event, for all of the guests who attended and to anyone who kindly donated.

We have LOVED seeing your events in full swing all over the UK – bake sales in the workplace, coffee mornings at home and cake parties on campus. This year, there was even a tea party at the top of Mount Snowdon, Wales to celebrate Muffins for Midwives complete with bunting a cupcakes! Thank you to all who took the time to plan and a special thank you to the team of “Mountain Muffinistas”, we hope you enjoyed your events!








We have been overwhelmed by your muffin-tastic support to help make this our most successful campaign to date. It costs, on average, just £80 a month to train a midwife. As you know, all the money you have helped to raise by hosting Muffins for Midwives events will sponsor the training and employing of more midwives in Africa and really will help to make a huge difference. 1 in 22 women die in pregnancy and childbirth in developing countries.  Having a midwife or skilled birth attendant present at birth is one of the most effective interventions to save lives.

More Muffins for Midwives news…

We are also very excited to confirm that our two new student midwives, Joyce (pictured left) and Catherine enrolled and started their training ealier this month. They have both enrolled in St. Luke’s which is one of the CHAMS colleges in Malawi and offers a 3 year Nursing and Midwifery course. Joyce’s and Catherine’s training will be paid for in full with the money raised from last year’s Muffins for Midwives campaign – what a difference a slice of cake can make, thank you!









To find out more about Joyce and Catherine please click here.

Want to get involved?

We will be back next May for more muffins but you can still get involved – Muffins for Midwives events can be held all year round! For a free fundraising pack with everything you need to host your event please click here.