Lensa – our trainee midwife in Ethiopia

Lensa at UniversityLensa was a Diploma Nurse in the West Wollega area of Ethiopia.  We are sponsoring her 4 year course to become a qualified midwife through the money raised from Muffins for Midwives. 

When Lensa was a nurse she attended a series of training sessions run by Maternity Worldwide which have enabled her to increase her skills and confidence in caring for pregnant women and helping with deliveries which confirmed her decision that she wanted to train to become a midwife.

Lensa started her 4 year Midwifery Degree course in October 2012 and we asked her to let us know how she is getting on.  Here is what she had to say after her first year;

Lensa in scrubs - Ethiopia“I have classes Monday to Friday and sometimes tutorials on Saturday.  There are 53 students in my class and there are some very clever students.  I had exams in sociology and health technology and scored A in both.  I got an A+ in my anatomy exam and have my physiology.  The Myles textbook which Maternity Worldwide sent me has really helped.  I also have English classes as part of the course, I got a B+ for my exam but I am trying to improve.  I live in a nice dormitory with 8 other students.”

Lensa is now in her final year and has continued to work exceptionally hard throughout her course and remains at the top of her class.  There have been several placements and lots of practical experience throughout the course which Lensa has excelled at including complex deliveries.

“My latest placement is at Bedelle Hospital at Bedelle Town near to Mettu (120km from Mettu University where my course is).  I got lots of experience attending deliveries including complex ones, giving antenatal care services for pregnant women, providing family planning services etc………I am really enjoying it.  Thank you very much for supporting me, Lensa”.

Muffins for MidwivesLensa qualifies this Summer and will start work as a midwife in a local health centre helping women now and for the future to give birth safely.  This has only been possible thanks to the money raised through Muffins for Midwives so thank you to everyone who has taken part and donated.

It costs as little as £80 a month, on average, to sponsor the training of a midwife in Ethiopia that’s just £4 a day!  In West Wollega, throughout the career of a midwife they could help to deliver approximately 7,500 babies.  At the moment around 94% of women give birth without any skilled health workers present.  We could change this by training more midwives.  If you would like to help then why not host a Muffins for Midwives event.