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Amazon Wishlist and Medical Textbooks

Medical equimentOur Amazon Wishlist contains a current list of essential medical equipment, supplies and medical textbooks needed for our project in Malawi.  If you are able to donate anything from the list it will be delivered directly to us and we can arrange for it to be taken to Malawi.  Anything you can donate will make a huge difference, thank you.

We are developing a medical reference library in the hospital in Zomba, Malawi.  If you have any (up-to-date) medical textbooks which you would like to send us we would be very grateful.  The textbooks will be used by midwives, nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals to train and improve their skills.

If there is anything else you would like to donate or you have any questions please contact us on or call 01273 234033.  Thank you!

*** Please note that, unfortunately, due to a lack of storage facilities we are currently unable to accept donations of knitted items ***