Collect stamps for MW

Collect stamps for Maternity Worldwide and raise money! does it work?

Simply collect your used and mint stamps and send them to:

Brighton Fundraising Group Maternity Worldwide
59 Mitre Copse
SO50 8QE

Fundraising Stamps then pay Maternity Worldwide £11 per kilo of stamps received.

What stamps do they buy?

  • Recently collected and unpicked
  • GB or foreign
  • Used or mint
  • On or off paper
  • Everyday 1st class and 2nd class are ok
  • Special issue commemoratives are best
  • No more than 1cm of envelope left around each stamp
  • Not trimmed too close so that the perforations are damaged

What will they not accept?

  • Older stamps (more than 3 years old) not recently collected by you or your volunteers. Stamp collectors want recent issues to add to their collections.
  • Waste kiloware or stamps that have previously been sorted or picked over in any way by you or your volunteers.

How do I request Freepost envelopes to send my stamps?

You can request pre-paid & pre-addressed envelopes which can contain up to 250 grammes of stamps by following this link to the Fundraising Stamps website.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 01273 234033 or  Please let us know when you’ve sent stamps so we can keep track of payments expected, thank you.